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Daily Grind - Do Parent's Ever Get Sleep?

Monday, September 15, 2008

We got Asher's room all organized yesterday. He has a reading couch and of course his brand new big boy bed.  He likes his bed and likes to play on it, but doesn't like sleeping on it. He was up all night being cranky and kicking Mom in the back. I put him in bed and 2 hours later he was up crying and in our room. Mom and I had very little sleep last night.

What was even funnier was to see him in his footie pajamas. It is starting to get cold at night, so we put him in his brand new footie pajamas and he was freaked out. He kept looking at his feet wondering where they were. When we changed his diaper before bed, he tried to take the pajamas completely. So we helped him and found some other ones for him to wear. He had the right idea about taking them off, but could quite manage it himself. I am not looking forward to the pull off my clothes in front of everyone just to show them that I can do it stage.


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