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Friday, March 13, 2009

Dear Inner Voice-

I'm tired today. You can usually tell I'm tired by the spontaneous pauses in my speech that usually occur mid-sentence and I end up staring at people waiting for a response, forgetting that I was even saying .......(sorry, I'm back now) something at all. That's stage 1 tired. Inother words I do that most all of the time now that I have a child.

Stage 2 is even more entertaining because I become verbally lexdysic, sorry, dyslexic. (That is how you spell that isn't it?) Sometimes the terbal vranslates into written lexdysia and I spell things wrong without even noticing. The best is when I start transposing words and letters. I don't even realize it until someone questions me about what I just said.

Well today, I have reached Stage 3 tired. My inner voice has now become verbally, well at least silently verbally dyslexic. I mean no one else can hear the voice in my head. But it does tell a good joke once in a while. I even laugh out loud at it sometimes. As I sat a work trying to concentrate on this Friday the 13th (supposedly we have 3 of them this year, not a good thing.) I was going over my work list and started thinking about Mexas Tedicaid. Just think about it a little bit and you'll figure out what I was trying to say. It was at that moment that I realized that I am dead tired and there is a reason that I was 2 hours late today.

So my dear inner voice, at least tomorrow is Saturday and you can rest a bit. Just don't getornery at me today or I'll quit talking to you.

Best Regards,



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