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Funny Friday #3 – Determination Part 3 (DeTrois)

Friday, June 29, 2012

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The plot thickens. BigBubs is on his way to dreamland and O'henry is either enamored with the big truck belonging to the over-compensating date or the canoodling neighbor girl outside his window.

O'henry: Uh (that truck is interesting, I think I'll watch shorty with the big diesel truck awkwardly tell his date good night.)

Me: Get back in bed, now I'm going to sit here at the end of your bed and meditate because you're not going to sleep with me laying on the blanket next to you.

O'henry: Uh (I'm going to try to fall asleep in your lap again tonight, never mind, I'm too wiggly even though this was my idea to drag you up to my bed. I'll go back to my pillow.)

BigBubs: Are you staying until he's asleep?

Me:........Good Night, I Love you, BigBubs.

BigBubs: You'll leave my door open?

Me……..Good Night, BigBubs.

Me: Sa Ta Na Ma (In my head while breathing in and out enjoying the quiet until my finger is yanked again)

O'henry: Uh (I really want you to cuddle me in bed tonight.)

Me: Fine, I give up (crawling under the blanket and putting my arm around him.)

O'henry: Do Do Do (said in a sing song manner meaning he wants a lullaby.)

Me: Singing the lullaby tune I made up just for him.

O'henry: Snore

Really, is that all you wanted. You weren't going to give up until you got what you wanted? You determined little boy. Parenting dilemma: "How to foster and direct this very good attribute positively without going crazy in the mean time."

Fine (That's Fee-Nay as in French for "End")

P.S. There wasn't any more TV for Dad at this point because it was past my bedtime.


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