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A Brilliant Hope

Friday, September 12, 2008

Jehovah Creates the Earth - Walter Rane

This world is quickly growing dark. People losing hope and love while falling deeper into despair. It is easy to grow jaded and forget that which brings us the most joy in life. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a brilliant glowing fountain of hope that sheds light into even the darkest abyss.

Through his atonement for mankind, He experienced the darkest recesses of humanity. Not only has He provided a way back home, he knows exactly how to comfort us in our trials. He knows our pain and knows how to turn it into hope. He will make our burdens light so that we cannot feel them upon our back. He will gather us under his wing as a hen gathereth her chicks. He is the shinning brilliant hope that give light to the world.

In this turbulent world with all its comings and goings, there is one constant source of hope and peace. Remember, He created it and He is in control of it. As we meditate upon His words, our minds will fill with light and we will see clearly the path that lies before us. Join me on this journey through life's ups and down as I share the insights He has shared with me.


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