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Sunday, February 15, 2009

.....people who steel themselves from sorrow are also stealing themselves of joy — for you simply cannot block out one and enjoy the fullness of the other.-Matthew D. LaPlante

Why do we try to hide our emotions? We spend so much time trying to feel something else. We spend so much time fighting within ourselves, telling ourselves how we should feel about something.

An emotion is! We feel them, we are not in control of them. We need to acknowledge the feelings as they come. When you dwell on one emotion too long, you deprive yourself of experience. Everyone get's down, but there are those that spend time depressed and dwelling on the bad. Then there are those that refuse to acknowledge anything that makes them feel bad. They go around with the smiles on their face, refusing to believe that they should ever feel something bad. Or even worse, they worry what others might think about their feelings. Then those feelings buried deep within fester and grow and slowly deprive a person of life.

Actions are different than feelings. One should try to control their actions, but not their emotions. Nor should you try to control the emotions of others. Nothing is more damaging to our relationships when you lie to someone to control their emotions. It shows great disrespect for them as a person.

Emotions add richness to the world and to life. We can learn as much from the hard time as we can the happy times.


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