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Book Review - Longshot, by Lance Allred

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm not usually one to sit around reading books all day long. Not that I don't like to read, but I'm usually very busy. Unless a book is interesting, reading will put me to sleep. I must admit that I fell asleep once while reading this book, but not because it was boring. I was so engrossed with Lance's story that I stayed up way too late and couldn't put it down.

It is a story of triumph, tragedy, happiness, pain. Never before have I really understood what it takes to be a professional sportsman, but even more what it takes to overcome the obstacles life has put in front of you. I have truly been inspired.

I was most impressed with his honesty. He holds nothing back. He doesn't whitewash the truth or attempt to paint his own weaknesses as something else. He writes as though he isn't ashamed to tell any part of his story. Because it is all aspects of our lives that make up who we are.


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