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Saturday, November 7, 2009

I've retitled and started over this blog post for a week and a half. I start writing about something and it just doesn't pan out. I guess that's because I have been so busy with things that I haven't had enough time to ponder. I take that back, I have been pondering things. A lot of things, just none of them very in depth. I have opinions about the new healthcare legislation and want to rant about it, but I'm actually growing tired of the debate. It has grown into a political debachle that both side should be ashamed of. The only ones suffering are the American People. I am however, proud of my Congressman for realizing this and deciding to vote against it. But that is about as far as my thoughts go on the matter, I'm wearied by it.

I then think about church and religion. I am grateful that both are taking a more meaningful place in my life. Not that they have every really been very far away or that I have been uninvolved with either, simply that I find more peace and solace there in new and deeper ways than I did before. It seems lately that's all I want to write about, but I don't want people to view me as preachy and obsessed with reiligion. It is part of who I am, but not in the wear it on my sleave kind of way. I want my religion to affect my actions and make me a better person. It shouldn't be a front we put up for others.

I then think of family. I have been truly, truly blessed with a wonderful wife and little boy. They bring more joy to me than anything else in this world. I have so many stories I want to share about Bubs and the things he does. Like this morning when Bubs spilled the popcorn on Slou's nicely cleaned up floor. He helped to pick it up and then wanted to vacuum it up as well. I got it on video. If he had been dressed, I would have posted it online. (I don't want half-naked pictures of my son online. There are too many creeps out there.)

Writing is laborious for me. I have to form the words before I can write them. I have to follow the ideas through from word to word, sentence to sentence. If I don't, I tend to go on tangents and start writing train of thought. This can be fun sometimes, but it isn't always very good writing. However, it sometimes provides enough lucidity to spawn the ideas I need.


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